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This is the official web site of Scout Troop 94, Talakto District, Greater Alabama Council of the Boy Scouts of America. All contents are copyright Scout Troop 94 unless otherwise stated.  The site conforms to the "BSA Unit Website Guidelines" as provided by the BSA.

Youth Protection and Safety: Because of the open nature of the World Wide Web, we have a policy not to disclose our Scouts' family names, addresses, phone numbers, or e-mail addresses within the open pages of this website.  At most, a first name and last initial may be used to identify a Scout.  Adult leaders may be identified by an address followed by last name, such as Mr. Scout, Ms. Scout, or ASM Scout.  See the "Members Only" page for additional information.  

Prioritized Website Goals:

1)  Website Content:  This is the first and foremost reason the "" website exists.  We realize that content is why you are viewing these pages.  If the content is inadequate, out-of-date, or simply not informative, then the website is failing in its reason for being.

2)  Website Functionality:  As this website grows in content, it will also grow in functionality.  To be useful, the site has to work, it has to look right, and it has to load quickly in any browser.  It should not become overly complicated and should be organized such that information is easy to find.

3)  Website Appearance:  Note that this is listed last in priority, not first. After you have great content, and after you have pages that function well, then we will strive to make them look attractive and interesting.

If you have suggestions or comments on how we can better meet these goals, please contact

Scout Troop 94, Talakto District, Greater Alabama Council, Boy Scouts of America